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Vertical Internet Media Limited is the Hong Kong incorporated parent company for a number of media properties and brands including Health Professional Radio, Talkers Radio, Boomsday Prepping, Outsourcing and offshoring Philippines, Seo Bites and others.

With staff in Australia, Philippines, USA and UK, Vertical Internet Media utilises the internet to create and publish both audio and video content in a variety of formats and subject areas.

Our Brands


Health Professional Radio is a health dedicated media channel formatted as text, podcast and IP Radio stream. Original interviews with Clinicians, academics and providers in the health sector.


OOP podcast and transcript presents news, opinion and stories of those associated with and involved in offshoring and outsourcing in the Philippines as customers, providers, regulators and workers.

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OutsourcingFIT.com offers independent consultancy to help prospective outsources choose the right host BPO. The site featires a free directory of over 1300 entries of BPO’s in the Philippines.